Quality control machines RACAP Series®

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As the production rates increase, the RACAP Series® quality control machines allow improving the efficiency and quality of the products. In today’s industry, reliability and accuracy are crucial to cut costs, increase productivity and quality.

The strong point of Racap Series® is its versatility and adaptability to control by vision any type of product, this system can be implemented in any sector destined to the mass production of an object.

Artificial vision system The RACAP® stands out for its artificial vision cameras in high resolution to make precise product control at high speeds without the need to manipulate the object, detecting anomalies in the product or quality deficiencies.

Automated inspection methods examine each of the processed products, not just samples from time to time. Graphic visualizations in real time will alert the operator that something is going wrong, anticipating that the differences are visible by the human eye.

What can you inspect in your product?

The RACAP® system, thanks to its quality control stations through artificial vision, will detect in the product:

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