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Packs extractor Rue®

The Rue® pack extractor

We offer our customers a customized solution for their packaging lines for all sectors: Beverages, food, cosmetics and plastics. Rue® pack extractor is prepared to replace 90 ° curves thus saving space and improving the distribution of packaging – packaging lines.

This extractor is designed to operate completely autonomously, powered by servo motors and controlled by its PLC. extractor de packs

To facilitate its use, it has an elevator motor to adjust the height needed to adapt to the product, operating from its own electrical panel.

Thanks to its built-in screen, optimal working times can be adjusted for greater production control in the packaging line..


Conveyor system

conveyor system

We build and develop customized packaging conveyors of all types, sliding, adhesive, band, hinge chain and roller depending on the needs of each client.

Our conveyors are built with quality materials to make them more durable and robust, ensuring maximum performance in the packaging line, connecting and synchronizing between each other.

The construction method and our extensive experience have become a perfect fusion to develop different systems suitable for the handling of empty or full PET / HDPE bottles.

We also have turntables / tumblers / orientation of containers for solutions that require a packaging line.