Customized vision control applications

visión reyman min - Customized vision control applications

We manufacture customized solutions for vision control for each client, thanks to our team of highly specialized engineers.

We know that the tendency of the sector is to manufacture more and better, for that reason we offer diverse solutions to detect anomalies in the product and thus avoid a great economic impact, before they reach the final customer.

We carry out a previous examination for the application that we are going to generate, lighting conditions, components for the inspection system, as well as the assembly and electrical part that we will need.

botella agua visión min - Customized vision control applications


Advantages of adding an artificial vision system to your packaging line.

  • Examine one by one and in real time the product without reducing the speed of the line.
  • Rejection of the defective product without the need for human participation.
  • More information and strict control of the product that is being manufactured
  • Guarantees that each product is within the tolerable quality margins.
  • Reduction of production costs.
  • Avoid physical contact with the product while it is verified.
  • Avoid complaints and returns from end customers.