Cobots or collaborative robots

robot colaborativo reyman 2 1 - Cobots or collaborative robots

We install and program collaborative robots or Cobots. These types of robots receive that name because they combine their work with that of a human worker side by side without running any job risk.

In most cases, industrial robots need safety measures that pose a danger to the worker, in addition to needing more space, a great inconvenience that does not happen with Cobots, since they do not need industrial fences and can live in the same space I work the operator and the machine, except in specific cases.

Advantages of adding a cobot to your line of work.

cobotreyman 1 - Cobots or collaborative robots

• Wide variety of automated applications

• Safe work in human-robot set

• Easy configuration for operators.

• Perform heavy and repetitive work.

• Space is saved without sacrificing occupational risk prevention.